Our design approach requires communication, trust, clarity, combined with our clients personality, to create something unique.

When you commission an interior design with arnoldlane we work collaboratively with you to develop trust and rapport as the first key step.

We employ a director-based, personal approach to designing and delivering your project. Led by Kathy and Chris, our affable, easygoing and experienced team, seek to add value to every project to create a cohesive design statement.

Collaboration with like-minded creatives and clients is integral to our way of working and lifts the standards of our design.

We implement a rigorous working and quality assurance method to deliver fully notated and resolved design drawings that are the blue print for a successful project outcome.

Our in-house expertise and industry networks to draw upon allow us to work on a variety of design projects from small products to large commercial interiors.

At arnoldlane we are committed to our goal to work with clients that appreciate good design and the significant return on investment a well-designed project can achieve.

Project Structure

For any design project to be successful, small or large scale, we firmly believe in an organised and ordered project structure.

Before all else we listen. We work and collaborate closely with our clients so that we garner a complete understanding of the stated goals and aspirations for your project.

From these briefings we produce a bench-mark document that guides the design process.

Next we submit initial design concepts that inspire or even challenge our clients. Whether it’s a new design or modifying an existing design, our passion as designers is to search for the unexpected, individually tailored solution.

With the concept design agreed we then prepare detailed design documentation that form the project blue-print.

arnoldlane remain the one point of contact for the client, construction manager, head contractor, consultants and sub-contractors. As the lead design consultant we develop a collaborative project structure with our clients and assembled consultant team.

At each stage of an interior project we assist our clients to understand and navigate the practical, aesthetic, legal and design considerations that arise.

Our project structure ensures clear team communication, project stability and efficiency through-out the project while the client remains the central and primary decision maker.

Our strengths

Our strength is our ability to bring together a team of industry professionals with design and commercial skills to match our client’s needs.

We have a reputation in the market for our innovative approach to design projects, and for our exceptional client service.

We offer design diligence from the initial concept through to the finished product.

Project Outcome for cost is generally unrivalled.

Procurement policy

We have incorporated into our procurement policy consideration of the sustainability of the products and services which we specify, and the manner in which they are supplied. We seek to encourage our clients to adopt a more sustainable approach to the provision of goods and services.

At arnoldlane we have no affiliations with suppliers or vendors and we recommend only the most suitable product for every project.

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