BSG Innovation Centre

The computer industry is changing faster than it ever has before, a world where organisations don't have to worry about running IT hardware, patching servers or hardware performance; a world where organisations can simply concentrate on running their business is now a reality with Cloud computer services.

Our client BSG Cloud Services offers the ultimate in resilience, data protection and high data performance to large industry. Their core business is to develop a detailed Cloud plan and articulate the benefits using the latest technology from Cisco®, IBM® and NetApp® infrastructure to provide 99.95% systems dependability and the ultimate in resilience. BSG make the complex simple for their corporate clients in managing data storage.

The brief for the BSG Innovation Centre was to provide a fully immersive, contemporary, leading edge, collaborative presentation, design centre and data storage facility with a view to the future, where BSG could detail their unyielding commitment to serving their customers in designing custom IT solutions.

The feature of the facility is the Planar Clarity™ Matrix MultiTouch single screen LCD 4000x2700mm Video Wall with annotative and collaboration features. Utilizing the latest touch technology, Clarity Matrix MultiTouch enables up to 32 touch points and allows multiple users to simultaneously interact with the video wall without affecting other users. Imported from America it represents the latest in touch screen presentation technology.

The system was further enhanced for full user flexibility with 4 80 inch integrated SMART G4 Interactive touch screen flat panels and data kiosks.

BSG’s dedicated product development team are now housed in a state of the art, technologically advanced facility to work with their customers in designing custom IT architecture for Cloud services and data storage.

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