Coca-Cola Head Office

The redesign of Coca Cola's Head Office Sydney, located over three floors at Circular Quay in Sydney, was undertaken whilst the client was in occupation.

The key project goal was to update and simplify a 90's fit out to avoid relocating from a prime location in the Sydney CBD. The existing design was very dated and required a detailed refresh on every level. The client requested an office environment consistent with the global brand image of Coca-cola that would engage and motivate their people in-line with the organisations new accommodation strategy.

The design concept was based around Coca-colas dynamic ribbon logo. The dynamic ribbon was re-imagined as various conceptual elements including a form a way finding, negative cutouts in walls to form flexible display shelves for product and colour and decals. Acrylic disks inspired by the base of the iconic Coca-cola buddy bottles double as a feature on glass partitions and a functional safety strip. Smoked mirrors in the colour of Coca-cola syrup form feature walls in each lift lobby create a sense of movement within the space.

Using the design principle of repetition the lift lobby and waiting areas on each floor have the same design elements. However each level was coded by colour, colors directly aligned with Coca-colas core product lines including Fanta, Sprite and Coca-cola.

The end result of the refurbishment project far exceeded the clients' expectation regarding what we could achieve with the redesign of an existing fit-out and how good the design outcome could be from very basic bones. The end result greatly extended the longevity of the fit-out and provided staff with a dynamic and contemporary work environment.

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