Interactive Melbourne

The design concept for this project was to articulate geometric forms and repeat the individual shapes as unifying design elements throughout the interior.

Interactive have been a client of arnoldlane since 2004. Interactive provide Business Recovery planning, Disaster Recovery and Hardware Maintenance services. The first project was in Sydney and since then the company has embarked on a rapid expansion with additional projects undertaken in Brisbane, a second site in Sydney, 1 Tarver Street Port Melbourne and 437 Williamstown Road Port Melbourne. During this time we have developed a good deal of trust with the client that has allowed the development of the original simple concept to a strong easily identifiable brand.

The client and staff floors are given separate identities. The design for the client floors aims to support the company's mission statement supporting the culture of a positive, dynamic and professional national organisation. Custom lights in a geometric shape, introduced modestly on the Sydney project were embraced by the client and reinterpreted as over scale signature design elements throughout the interior. They act as indicators of social pods while unifying the design with the other sites. The light fittings are teamed with custom designed ottomans that resemble docking stations to reinforce the technology concept. In the main public areas the client supported our recommendation to conceal all apparent glazing frames to achieve a totally seamless modern feel to the spaces.

The 4 level 4500sqm office also provides disaster recovery areas including up to 200 visitor workstations that clients can occupy should an unforseen event render their own premises uninhabitable. This led to the development of various work place styles all implemented with clear and concise planning and distinct circulation areas to allow effortless navigation of the site by visitors. Graphics were employed at the main view corridors to reinforce branding and support the company philosophy with the strap lines 'service delivery' and 'peace of mind'.

The main café on the ground floor is accessible for visitors and staff and acts as a relaxed social hub. The main illuminated design element in the café reflects the atrium glazing design of the base building when seen from the street. On Friday nights the long café bench is converted to a table tennis table with a clip on net.

Our main intention with the planning and design approach on the staff floors was to create a dynamic human environment. We inserted a 3D geometric shape and articulated the form to create the individual spaces, social and meeting hubs similar in concept to hubs and servers in a data rack.

The final design and detailing over all floors reflects a seamless integration of technology and work place functions.

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