Interactive Sydney

This design project was the first to be undertaken by arnoldlane for Interactive in 2004. The project comprised 2700sqm of workplace design over 3 floors with 1100sqm of warehouse space at the rear of the tower. Interactive provide Business Disaster Recovery Planning, Cloud Services, Systems and Hardware Maintenance to various large scale financial, retail, Telco and insurance organisations.

The project represented a key step in a strategic process to reposition the brand with the aim of raising the perception of the brand as a professional IT services organisation while reinforcing a sense of stability and reliability for their existing customers.

The design brief requested a simple technology focused corporate environment to support the company's mission statement and sustain the culture of a positive, dynamic and professional national organisation. We responded with the development of a simple concept and easily identifiable branding statement in terms of the built environment.

While the new building houses the staff it also provides disaster recovery areas, including up to 200 visitor workstations that clients can occupy should an unforseen event render their own premises uninhabitable. This led to the development of various work place styles all implemented with clear and concise planning and distinct circulation areas to allow effortless navigation of the site by visitors. Graphics were employed at the main view corridors to reinforce branding and support the company philosophy with the strap lines 'service delivery' and 'peace of mind'.

Custom lights in a geometric shape were introduced and reinterpreted as over scale signature design elements throughout the interior. They act as indicators of social pods while unifying the design with the other sites.

The final design and detailing over all floors reflects a seamless integration of technology and work place functions.

Since the completion of the project Interactive have experienced rapid growth within their business and directly attribute some of their success to the design of each site.

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