The initial design for the LIPSTIK chair came from the idea of creating a design that would maintain its appeal over time being recognised as a "design classic".

A piece that's form would be recognised instantly like the Panton chair designed in 1960 by Verner Panton. Inspiration for Lipstik was taken by looking at the continuous form of the Panton chair and the appeal of the sculptural cantilevered form that is as strong today as it was in 1960 a true 'design classic'.

As the design process developed the form of the chair evolved and began to take on shapes that mimicked everyday objects. The cylindrical form, blunt wedge shape and cut out side detail started to imitate the graphic/visual image you might relate with a lipstik. So the chair was given the name Lipstik (without the "C").

Originally designed in plain white, the lipstik concept inspired the use of contrasting colour on in the inside shell which displays yet another dimension to the chairs form.

Lipstik was the winner of the 2006 Corporate Culture + SAS journey. The competition began in 2005 and arnoldlane was the winner of both the 2005 (for Chest sofa) and 2006 award.

The design was prototyped in 2006, exhibited at Saturday Indesign Sydney and was a finalist in Workshopped of the same year.

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