Ownworld Showroom

We were really flattered when the Directors of Ownworld approached us to design their new Sydney showroom.

The project started out as an expansion of Ownworld’s existing space located in Darlinghurst. As the client brief developed the project soon turned into a total refurbishment of the total space to create a new showroom with a consistent design language.

Based on the premise that Showroom environments exist to enhance the products that live within them, our design philosophy for this project was to create a subtle back drop that allowed the products to speak for themselves. The new design approach comprised new cementitious flooring throughout to link the spaces, new inter-connecting stairs, kitchen, offices, lighting and furniture displays.

We took a departure from the white gallery approach, intruding a sophisticated palette of grey and black selected to sit harmoniously with the various product settings Ownworld represent. Special attention was paid to lighting control to provide maximum flexibility while providing the client the ability to create a variety of settings within the space.

Since completion the client reports that the showroom design has increased visits by industry professionals and attracted new clients, all have commented on the calm quality of the space.

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