Sage Micropay

This design project was the first to be undertaken by arnoldlane for the Sage MicrOpay Group of companies. The Sage Group is an international company specialising in Payroll and People Management software with Australian offices located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. Sage MicrOpay develop, supply and train their customers in payroll software.

This project-comprised 2000sqm of workplace design over 2 floors with the key requirement to bring their people together. Previously the company had been located over 5 different floors at another site.

As a concept for the project we employed the ‘O’ from the original MicrOpay logo as a 3D branding exercise and design language for reception. The project coincided with large organisational changes and the Australian arm of the company sought to retain and strengthen the ‘O’ logo, as it had been a key and well recognised part of their corporate identity. The actual reception space with the dramatic sculptural qualities and circular motif became the logo.

The design was approached so that the lifts open directly onto a bold three-dimensional ‘O’ element taken from the logo. The ‘O’ element acts as a portal through to the work place. At one end of reception we designed a surging, curved and ribbed wall to suggest where the ‘O’ motif originates. Repetition of the graphic motif along the rear wall of reception conceptualises ‘forward motion’ and forward thinking as part of the companies’ culture. A simple black and white palette with the sage green from the company logo only applied to the furnishings further enhances the graphic, almost futuristic intention of the space.

For this client the strong geometric language, based around the “O” has been successfully used to create a dynamic work environment with clear links to the brand and cultural identity of the Sage Group.

Since this project was originally completed we have undertaken six additional fit-out projects for the Sage Group within Australia. The original Sydney fit-out still stands as a testament to the brand.

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