The spider – eight levers of light

After investigating pendant options for a client’s break out space it became clear that if we wanted something unique we needed to look at customising a fitting specifically for the project.

The inspiration for the design came from the custom screen that had been designed for the same space.

We wanted to achieve something between the Serge Mouille MCL- R6 and Ron Gilad’s Dear – Ingo. Two fittings we had considered for the space but weren’t quite right for the application.

Our brief for the fitting was to illuminate the ceiling and the tables located under whilst acting as a sculptural element within the space – reminiscent of an Alexander Calder mobile. Applying these requirements and the basic design principles of repetition and geometry the spider was born.

We presented schematics to the client who loved the design and gave approval to proceed with fabrication of the fittings.

We approached Darkon in Victoria to fabricate the fitting. There is always an element of risk with a custom product but Darkon delivered in terms of illumination and expected level of finish. The fitting has been installed in both the Interactive’s Melbourne and Sydney offices.

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