Stay Well

The design objective for this project was to elevate the perceived quality of the client's brand through the use of a limited palette of materials synonymous with quality. In the line and materiality we aimed to create an environment that is natural, warm and sophisticated to complement the 'Stay Well' concept.

The Staywell Hospitality Group are a fast emerging hotel management group that own or manage a portfolio of twenty six 3-4 star hotels in the Asia Pacific Region. The client specifically requested that we forget our initial notions of a dark and moody boutique hotel brand to create a fresh work environment for the group offices.

A palette of neutral tones was selected and the concepts of layering and texture around a monochromatic base were explored. A natural limestone floor and natural timbers and veneers finished in 0% gloss were selected.To soften the impact of the hard surfaces though out all the client areas, textured architectural and decorative elements were introduced. Customised acoustic panelling on the walls and ceilings were used extensively. The client's logo was acknowledged in reworked sections to form a sculptural element that would further enhance and soften the space.

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